Board of Deacons
For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the Deacons distribute gifts to parents, widows, widowers, convalescing members, and friends of the church.

We continue to meet our commitment to assisting those in need, as well as administering spiritual and personal care to the bereaved and others facing difficult circumstances. Prayers, telephone calls, visitations, greeting cards, emails, floral arrangements, fruit baskets, monetary support, food, and personal condolences were among the other vital services provided to the congregation through our ministry.

The Deacon Board maintains the engine and purchases fuel for the Church Van, allowing the elderly to attend service each Sunday. Deacon Dalton George has earned the nickname “Moses” for his stalwart service in this regard.

Deacons assist and contribute funds to the Angel Tree program, which presents Christmas gifts to the children of incarcerated parents.

The Deacon Board is entirely sustained through the tireless work, constant support, and generous contributions of the members of the Presbyterian Church of St. Albans. We thank the Clergy for their inspirational leadership and the congregation for their persistent Faith in our service to God’s Work.