presbyterian women

Steven Moore, Marlon Campbell, and Destimona Anokye in HAMLET.

Why Join a Circle?

A Circle is...

.Where faith is nurtured and growth take place through worship, study, friendship and outreach.

.Where women are challenged to stretch beyond their limits.

.Where women move beyond the safe places of life and reach out to others.

.Where Christian leadership is born, nurtured and sent forth into ministry.

Our Circles & Groups

.Deborah: Named after the Prophetess, wife and wise and courageous judge of Israel.

.Esther: Named after the biblical woman of unusual wisdom and courage, facing adversity and wickedness with a quiet confidence and grace. Was used as an instrument to save the Jews.

.Mary: Named after the mother of Jesus-- A young virgin who was chosen to birth the Savior of the World; Jesus Christ.

.Naomi: Named for the woman who have experienced bitterness but helped her daughter in law grow in the knowledge of God and His holiness.

.Priscilla: Dedicated in the name of the biblical wife and mentor to a young preacher of the Gospel

The Women-at-Large is comprised all women who are not members of the aforementioned Circles. They meet every 4th Sunday at 10:00 a.m. in the East Wing for monthly Bible Study.

Our Purpose

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Presbyterian Women commit themselves to:

.To nurture our faith through prayer and Bible Study,

.To support the mission of the Church worldwide,

.To work for justice and peace, and

.To build an inclusive, caring community of women that atrengthens the Presbyterian Church, USA and witnesses to the promises of God's Kingdom.


Women's Bible Study

In carrying out the Presbyterian Women's purpose "to nurture our faith through Bible Study," the Presbyterian Women of the Presbyterian Church of St. Albans meet in five small groups (referred to as Circles which are named after women in the Bible) and a sixth larger group-- "Women-at-Large". On a monthly basis, our Circles and the Women-at-Large meet in various locations for Bible Study, using the Horizons Bible Study as a guide. The groups work to meet the spiritual needs of and to build closer bonds between the women in our congregation. Though we may be in different locations at different times during the month, we remain "One Body & One Spirit" in the Word as we all study the same lesson each month. This small group-approach allows the women to discuss the lessons, as well as share real life experiences in a comfortable environment (e.g. our homes or at our Church).

All are welcomed to join us as we carry out the mission of the Presbyterian Women to live out our faith in an inclusive and caring community.