Church History

The original church

The original church

The Presbyterian Church was founded in 1907, growing out of weekly Bible Study meetings held by a group of local women. At that time, the area consisted primarily of farmland, served by a single General Store. Families rode horse-drawn buggies to Jamaica and Springfield in order to attend services, and there was a great demand for an opportunity to worship God closer to home.

In an effort whose success was later heralded in the press, funds to erect the original edifice were raised by staging plays and revues in a decorated barn. James Nevins, a Brooklyn realtor, donated the plot of land where the church now stands. Minister William Hendrickson was its first supply pastor and two years later in July 1909, the Rev. Frank Lee was installed as our first permanent pastor.

We have been well-served by leadership who dedicated their lives to serving Christ through their ministry at the PCSA. Rev. Lee was succeeded by Rev. Hilton R. Campbell in 1913; by Rev. John Erickson in 1915; in 1920 by Rev. John A. Harrer; by Rev. James Mayne in 1924; in 1928 by Rev. Arthur Ashe and by Rev. Dr. Williams from 1934-1936.

Rev. L. Charles Gray with Confirmation Class of 1970

In 1936 Rev. Francis Wallace was installed. During his tenure, the Addisleigh United Presbyterian Church joined with the St. Albans Church (1937). He would serve faithfully for the next twenty years, expanding outreach to the community, and helping to ethnically diversify our congregation.

In 1962, Rev. L. Charles Gray was installed. His spiritual leadership brought worldwide recognition to the PCSA when he participated in the Christian Peace Conference in Guyana and the National Council of Churches. With many congregants working as educators and entrepreneurs in the community, PCSA further established itself as a persevering factor in the social and economic development of southeastern Queens. A gifted orator, organizer, and patron-of-the-arts, Rev. Gray enthusiastically encouraged music and performances in both classical and contemporary genres. Our current stage and theatre space are dedicated in his name.


After serving first as a popular Youth Minister, Rev. Dr. Edward Davis was installed in 1985 as the eleventh pastor of PCSA. The 80’s were a tumultuous time for the country, and our locality. Through it all, our church stood as a beacon of stability from which prayers to God found their vociferation and essence, and families found safe sanctuary. Known for his bold optimism, many ministries have flourished under Rev. Dr. Davis, attending to the needs and showcasing the talents of our dynamic congregation. Rev. Dr. Davis has energetically guided PCSA well into the 21st century and he is laying the strong foundation for our future in worship and devotion to Christ. We look forward in Faith!



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